DiFi and Riordan as candidates…

DiFi and Riordan as candidates in recall?

As expected, and as Peter Camejo has predicted, Democratic unity is splintering as two Democrat House members are now calling on Senator Dianne Feinstein to run in the recall election. Over a month ago Camejo said at a Green Party meeting that mainstream politico insiders were assuming Feinstein would run, and will appoint current California Lt. Gov Cruz Bustamente to her Senate seat, so he won’t run.

If a major Democrat runs, then Gray Davis’ fate is sealed, he will be recalled. On the Republican side, now that Mr. Action Hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has apparently decided he couldn’t take the real-life pressure of a campaign, former L.A. Mayor Richard Riordan looks to be planning to a run.

Arianna Huffington will decide next week whether she will run as an independent. The deadline to file is August 7, eight days from now.

Ex-Governor Jerry Brown may run. Long time gadfly and acquaintance Jan Tucker says he is running on the Peace & Freedom Party, something which has honked of the leadership of the party as they are opposed to the recall. Steve Lopez, political columnist for the L.A. Times says that campaigning for Governor is his game and S Lo will be his name.

Given that, for minor parties, only 150 signatures are needed to run, and for major parties just $3,500 and 65 signatures will get you on the ballot, well, who knows what surprises we will discover on the ballot come Aug 8 when we learn who is running.

In fact two friends of mine have each pledged $500 after I, as a joke, mentioned to them I might run. I have NO IDEA whether they are joking or not! However if I do run, and by some tragic consequence, am actually elected, I promise to appoint PoliZeros readers to major posts. If Steve Lopez can run as S Lo, then I could run as BoMo (BOb MOrris, get it?), I suppose.

Rumors that I plan to run both my cats and several of my houseplants are probably inaccurate.

OK, PoliZeros readers, should I run for Governor???