Camejo suggests bloc with Arianna

Camejo suggests bloc with Arianna

Today on KPFK, Peter Camejo spoke of his campaign for Governor in the upcoming California recall election, and a lively talk it was! Among other things he suggests an alliance with Arianna Huffington if she runs.

Some highlights:

He just had a long discussion with Arianna Huffington and is encouraging her to run. Yes, he is encouraging her to run. The more progressives running, the better. In fact, they could form a progressive bloc to help get their common message out. Here’s the stunner, he said if that happens then maybe towards the end of the race one of them endorses the other, and we get a progressive as governor.

Recalls are healthy. The electorate can and should be able to recall any politician any time. In fact, the California recall statute became law due to Progressives! Simply because a conservative started this particular recall is no reason to trash the idea of recalls. He said he’s been misquoted and has never opposed the recall.

He believes Gray Davis to be the most incompetent governor California has ever had, except for his ability to raise money from big donors then give them what they want. In that he is brilliant, in all other realms he is incompetent. Davis has presided over turning a massive surplus into a gaping deficit, and this is not due to the economy alone.

Issa has no chance of winning. Davis makes a big deal out of Issa funding the recall for one million when David spent ten million destroying Riordan in the primary, a cynical nasty move that made even hardened politicos blanch.

Camejo is polling very strongly among liberals, people of color, and is ahead in several categories. He says if Davis is recalled, the party in the heavily Democratic State Assembly will last for “at least a day or two”.

Camejo is in this to win. Given the current dearth of competent Democratic and Republican candidates, he has a reasonable chance of doing just that. Stay tuned, this campaign could be exciting, and maybe even historic.

PS A friend suggests Arnold Schwarzenegger, if he ever actually decides to runs for Governor, may have difficulty overcoming the ‘straight-face’ question which asks – “Could you, with a straight face, vote Schwarzenegger for governor”?