Dang you Greens, just sell…

Dang you Greens, just sell out, ok?

From Norman Solomon
Green Party taking the plunge for 2004

“Fueled by idealistic fervor for its social-change program (which I basically share), the Green Party has become an odd sort of counterpoint to the liberals who have allowed pro-corporate centrists to dominate the Democratic Party for a dozen years now. Those liberal Democrats routinely sacrifice principles and idealism in the name of electoral strategy. The Greens are now largely doing the reverse — proceeding toward the 2004 presidential race without any semblance of a viable electoral strategy, all in the name of principled idealism.

The Green Party has been “taking the plunge” every four years for a quite while now, running Presidential candidates. What Solomon means is, hey if you Greens don’t run a Presidential candidate in 2004 then one of our admittedly compromised Democrats might have a better chance of winning.

Gee Norman, thanks but no thanks. We aren’t Democrats gone astray. And given the choice between principled idealism and a party that, in your own words, routinely sacrifices principles for expedience, I’ll take principles any time.

Because none of this means anything if you don’t have something worth fighting for.

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