Boston priests ‘abused hundreds’

Boston priests ‘abused hundreds’

“Hundreds of people have told investigators they were sexually abused as children by priests from the Archdiocese of Boston since 1940.

A grand jury enquiry found the archdiocese received complaints from 789 alleged victims, involving more than 250 clergy and other workers. 

Attorney General Tom Reilly said in a 91-page report that the level of abuse “borders on the unbelievable“.

Other reports say it was closer to 1,000 children. One of the most vile offenders was Paul Shanley:

“The Rev. Paul Shanley paid to rape and molest teenage boys and sometimes shared them with other men including at least one fellow priest, according to court documents filed Monday by attorneys for Shanley’s alleged victims.”

Could someone explain why no one did anything to stop this? I thought it was an Archdiocese, not a child prostitution and rape ring.