Blair in crisis after Iraq…

Blair in crisis after Iraq expert’s suicide

“Haunted by accusations he over-sold the need for war in Iraq and now by the suicide of a key player in the affair, Britain’s Tony Blair stood mum when asked: ”Have you got blood on your hands Mr Prime Minister?

As the affair turned into the biggest political crisis of Blair’s six years as prime minister, there appeared to be no end to questions like the one which silenced him at a Saturday news conference during a visit to Japan.

Some within his own Labour Party called for his resignation — a demand he rejected.

But with his popularity waning in opinion polls and the war in Iraq anything but over, political sources said the 50-year-old leader risked losing two of his closest comrades in power while his party threatened to fracture over a war most did not support.”

Blair continues to deny he will resign, a sure sign the pressure is building.