Stop the Patriot Act rally….

Stop the Patriot Act rally.  Hollywood

Did you know that under Patriot Act I, which is law now, the FBI can force libraries and bookstores to give them the reading records of patrons -and if they tell anyone the FBI is doing this, that they can be arrested?

Did you know that under Patriot Act II, if it passes, they can revoke the citizenship of anyone – including those born here – with no appeal possible?

Fascism is not too strong a word to use. 


Not your mother’s librarian!

Wendy McPherson; librarian, union member, Socialist, lesbian, speaking to the crowd.

Librarians have been actively and massively organizing against the Patriot Act since the day after it passed. They are understandably angered the FBI can request reading records of anyone and that they can be arrested if they divulge this.

One library started posting a sign that says “The FBI was not here today (watch for this sign)”. Which implies if the FBI was there today, then the sign would vanish.

Other librarians now destroy reading records after the book is returned.

And, oh yeah, they don’t wear their hair in buns any more…

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