Will we need a forklift…

Will we need a forklift to pick up the ballot?

“Do you want to be Governor of California? All it takes is 65 signatures and $3,500 to get on the ballot to replace Gov. Gray Davis if voters–on the same ballot–decide to recall him.

There’s no majority vote required. If the field is crowded enough, someone might win with 10 or 15 percent of the vote. Yet virtually all the prominent Democratic contenders are refusing to enter the race for fear of undermining Davis. … This is the political chance of a lifetime, until the next one comes along!”

This, of course, is complete shrieking madness. Rumors that Suzy, one of my cats, is considering getting on the ballot are probably exaggerated. Everyone else in California may be though…

However, since California will be having a recall election, I, of course, support Green Party member Peter Camejo for Governor.

However, couple the recall election train wreck with the ongoing California financial train wreck – well, get out the popcorn and sit back and watch the fun. Just don’t let the trains hit you.