Davis recall proponents say they…

Davis recall proponents say they have enough signatures

What’s more, they claim “enough signatures to put the issue of recalling the Democratic governor on the ballot in November“, bad news for Gov. Gray Davis

A November recall election, rather than in April during the Presidential primaries, means that many will not vote, and this favors recall supporters, who will vote anyway.

Daniel Weintraub in his California Insider newletter says the Secretary of State is blocking a Nov. election by a ruling that will probably be contested in court. He concludes:

This is looking more like a mirror image of Florida every day. Instead of a Republican Secretary of State fighting to slow a recount and elect a Republican president, we have a Democratic Secretary of State acting to slow a signature count to prevent the recall of a Democratic governor.

The L.A. Times report a slim majority support the recall. However, when they mentioned the price of the election, and that no other Democrats were yet running, then Davis squeaked by.

However other Democrats will no doubt run, even if they currently say they “have no interest”, like Sen. Dianne Feinstein is saying. Some insiders assume she will eventually run, especially if it looks bad for Davis.