The Protest Bush rally in…

The Protest Bush rally in L.A.

It was great! Several thousand people came. We were loud, boisterous, and militant. Bush was inside the Century Plaza Hotel getting legalized bribes, er, doing fund raising, while we were outside protesting.

As you can see from the first photo, Laura Bush slipped out to speak to the crowd. Tragically though towards the end of her speech, some neer’do-well’s unfurled a Bush you lied you’re fired banner from their hotel balcony facing the crowd. Laura, I feel your pain.

Ok ok, Laura was actually John Price, a very funny stand up comedian. There was some hip hop, spoken word, several speeches; Filipinos, a Gulf War vet, the National Lawyers Guild, Palestinians, Latinos, and many more.

We did good. The crowd was larger than I’d expected. The peace movement is alive and well in L.A.



My first attempt at camblogging went quite well. I took several photos with my cell phone then emailed them using the cell phone to a website where they were posted instantly. Check it out!

PS The banner was a ‘satin pink slip’ compliments of Code Pink!