Malaysia P.M. blasts war loving…

Malaysia P.M. blasts war loving Anglos

“Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said Thursday that the U.S.-led “war on terrorism” has become an excuse for the West to attack Muslims and accused America and its allies of wanting to control the world.

Mahathir said the Sept. 11 attacks allowed “Anglo-Saxon Europeans” — a group he defined as including Americans, Australians and New Zealanders — to return to “violent old ways” of colonialism.”

In unrelated news (yeah, right)

“Israeli news said yesterday that the US Secretary Of State Colin Powell might pay a quick and urgent visit to Syria on the background of pressure by the US defense department to put an end to diplomacy and to direct a military attack against Syria.”

 US Secretary of State Colin Powell signalled this week that the Bush administration intends to press ahead with plans to impose what amounts to a military blockade of North Korea—an action that threatens to plunge North East Asia into war.

 British and American intelligence and special forces have been put on alert for a conflict with Iran within the next 12 months.