Zogby poll for NH: Kerry,…

Zogby poll for NH: Kerry, followed by Dean

“Massachusetts Senator John Kerry is the most popular Democratic presidential candidate in New Hampshire polling by Zogby International for the state’s primary election next January, followed closely by former Vermont Governor Howard Dean, 25% – 22%.  Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman was a distant third at 10%”

Dean and Kerry are in a statistical tie for first place, with Dean having gained ground quickly, compared to the previous poll.

Interestingly, all three candidates, Dean, Kerry, and Lieberman, are New Englanders, with New Hampshire also being in New England. Thus any “favorite son” influence on the poll can be ruled out, as they are all favorite sons.

I grew up in Connecticut. In New England, more than in other part of the country, a person’s religion is considered a personal, not a political matter – and that religion is best kept out of politics. Dean is especially strong on this issue, saying “I want my country back”.