War inna Babylon

War inna Babylon

War is breaking out among the elites about the lack of WMD’s in Iraq. News of this split is spilling over / being leaked to media worldwide. Bush and Blair are facing increasing pressure to explain why their “evidence” for war has proven false, and why no WMD’s have been found.

Someone at a very high level indeed leaked transcripts of Colin Powell discussing the lack of evidence with Jack Straw. They agreed the evidence was shaky. Yet Powell then went to the UN and repeated the very same shaky evidence as reasons for war.

Whoever leaked the transcript is a major player and they are seriously raising the ante. It is certainly conceivable it was leaked by Straw or Powell. Splits are now occurring in what once was a unified ruling class front about the war. It is reminiscent of early Watergate.

The U.S Congress and the British parliament both plan to investigate if they were told the truth about the MWD’s.

We are still in the early stages. However, Bush and Blair could be in trouble.

‘Potential WMD blow’ for Bush

“A full-scale Congressional inquiry has been ordered on the use and possible abuse of intelligence information on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

The inquiry – being conducted by the Senate Armed Services and Intelligence Committees – is expected to compare comments made by the administration in the run-up to war with what it was given in terms of intelligence briefing.”

Transcripts raise alarm across Nato

“Transcripts of a private conversation between Jack Straw and Colin Powell expressing serious doubts about the reliability of intelligence on Iraq’s banned weapons programme are being circulated in western government circles where there is a growing feeling that officials were deceived into supporting the Iraq war. “

Blair used discredited WMD ‘evidence’

“UK intelligence chiefs warned claim that Iraq could activate banned weapons in 45 minutes came from unreliable defector”

Blair yields on inquiry into WMD intelligence

“Tony Blair will on Wednesday seek to win some breathing space in the bitter row over Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction by promising full co-operation with a parliamentary inquiry into the intelligence used to make the case for war.”

Kucinich demands release of intelligence that led to war

“Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich, leader of the opposition to the Iraq war in the U.S. House, is announcing at a noon news conference on Wednesday that he will use a Resolution of Inquiry to demand the release of the intelligence that led to the war in Iraq, and to Administration claims that Iraq had tons of biological and chemical weapons, delivery systems, and a ‘reconstituted’ nuclear program. (From a Kucinich email newsletter)