Barney and Metallica used to…

Barney and Metallica used to break Iraq POWs

“Heavy metal music and popular American children’s songs are being used by US interrogators to break the will of their captives in Iraq.

Uncooperative prisoners are being exposed for prolonged periods to tracks by rock group Metallica and music from children’s TV programmes Sesame Street and Barney in the hope of making them talk.

The US’s Psychological Operations Company (Psy Ops) said the aim was to break a prisoner’s resistance through sleep deprivation and playing music that was culturally offensive to them.

However, human rights organisation, Amnesty International, said such tactics may constitute torture – and coalition forces could be in breach of the Geneva Convention. “

Drat that pesky Geneva Convention! And I must say that being forced to listen to endless Barney songs would make anyone beg for mercy.