New England Journal of Medicine…

New England Journal of Medicine publishes all-SARS issue

From the excellent new SARSwatch comes:

“The New England Journal of Medicine published an issue today devoted to SARS. As the editors of the journal document in their editorial, SARS, the Internet, and the Journal, all the articles were prepublished on internet, and made freely available, in the interest of getting the information out as fast as possible (and I have written about all the articles previously). The NEMJ is to be commended for its willingness to break with tradition and to forswear the economic rewards of charging for publication of breaking news in the interest of public health.

The issue does have nice eulogy for Dr. Carlo Urbani, one of the many heroes of this epidemic, and a capsule description of how SARS was contained, then eradicated, in Vietnam.”


Chinese couple name their baby son Saddam SARS

“A couple in China have named their baby son Saddam SARS to mark the two important events taking place at the time of his birth, a news report said today. The boy was born on March 20, the day the Iraq war broke out and at a time when alarm over the SARS outbreak was spreading across China. His parents, from Hubei, have named the boy Saddam Deng SARS, the South China Morning Post reported. Deng is the parent’s family name.” (via SARSwatch)