The 99 Bottles of Beer…

The 99 Bottles of Beer project

Finally, someone has done what sorely needed to be done, and has translated the song, 99 Bottles of Beer, into 515 programming languages. Earning them a hearty THANK YOU from a grateful programming community.

From the elegant FoxPro (a language I use )

FOR x = 100 TO 1 STEP -1
 ?x,”Bottle(s) of beer on the wall,”,x,”bottle(s) of beer”
 ?”         Take one down and pass it around,”
 ?x-1,”bottle(s) of beer on the wall”

To the nearly indecipherable b5 language

mac nl i => i<<<
mac t i => <<<Take one down, pass it around>>>nl(i);;;
mac p n s c => n<<< bottle>>>s<<< of beer>>>nl(c);;;
mac w i => <<< on the wall>>>i;;;
mac a n => p(n)(s)(w(.))nl()p(n)(s)(w(,))p(n)(s)(.)t(,);;;
mac b n m => a(n<<<>>>m);;;
mac c n => b(n)(8)b(n)(7)b(n)(6)b(n)(5)b(n)(4)b(n)(3)b(n)(2);;;
mac d n => b(n)(9)c(n)b(n)(1)b(n)(0);;;

There’s something genuinely inspiring about true silliness.