Star Spangled Ice Cream

Star Spangled Ice Cream

From the Star Spangled Ice Cream website; “At last – a conservative alternative to Ben & Jerry’s Like millions of your fellow Americans, you enjoy ice cream but do NOT enjoy seeing your money funneled to wacko left-wing causes”.
<Well, actually, I rather prefer funnelling my money to left wing causes>

In a real knee-slapper, they say their vanilla ice cream is made with American vanilla, not French vanilla. Whew, talk about penetrating, incisive humor! And I guess, based on the name “I Hate the French Vanilla”, they must feel hatred is a solid exemplary conservative value.

This appears to be serious, and not a satire. It’s getting SO hard to tell the difference.

However, 4 quarts of ice cream packed in dry ice and mailed to you costs a whopping $76. Sounds like good old-fashioned capitalism to me.

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