Brazil President says arrest the…

Brazil President says arrest the money launderers, not the small drug dealers

The democratically elected president of Brazil issued a declaration of war last Tuesday… or so his words were received in some powerful quarters.

“The real narco-traffickers,” President Lula da Silva pointed the finger, are not found in the neighborhoods where poor people are “pressured and induced into crime in order to earn their daily bread.”

The kingpins of narco-trafficking are to be found, Lula dared to say, “in the large centers of capital.”

The president is now assembling a posse, he says, to hunt them down.

President Lula continued:

“Possibly, on a day when the Police intelligence is greater and stronger, the people won’t want them to invade a favela, but, rather, who knows…? They will go, instead, to the large centers of capital of this country and arrest the real narco-traffickers”

“And that is why we have fought for so long…for external control of the Judiciary. Not to interfere with the decisions of a Judge, but rather to at least know how the Black Box of the Judicial Branch, that is often untouchable, functions.”

NarcoNews comments in an email newsletter that Lula may be signalling the narco elites / ruling class they either support legalizing drugs or face serious consequences. And NarcoNews has a way of being correct about such things, and also of being way ahead of the curve.