We are not with you…

We are not with you and we don’t believe you  

The message from Moscow

Tony Blair’s first public attempt to heal the diplomatic wounds of the Iraq war suffered a humiliating rebuff yesterday when Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, refused to lift UN sanctions and mocked the possibility that weapons of mass destruction existed in Iraq.

Mr Blair started with the full diplomatic niceties but became increasingly animated until he issued a dire warning of a new world order in which two different poles of power act as rivals to one another. The world faced a choice between a partnership between the US and the main countries of the world or a continued “diplomatic stand off”, he said.”

Blair is demanding a unipolar world where everyone simply does what the US wants. Oddly, he is opposed to the (obvious) increasing power of Europe, which is joined by Russia and China, in clear opposition to the lunacies currently emanating from D.C. Up until a few months back, I think there was a partnership between the major powers. However the Bushies have blown that into irretrievable pieces. So why is the poodle from Britain so craven in his backing Bush?

And why did Putin rub it in his face?