Flat screen LCD monitor

Flat screen LCD monitor

I held off as long as I could, waiting for prices to fall. And they have! I just bought a ViewSonic 17″ flat screen LCD monitor for $399 (with the rebate). That’s about what I spent several years ago for the 17″ tube monitor I replaced. This new monitor takes up vastly less real estate on my desk, weighs 12 pounds rather than 45 – and has more screen space!

Yes that’s right, a LCD 17″ monitor has more screen area than a 17″ tube monitor, as they are measured differently.  This new 17″ LCD has 17.4″ diagonal, my old 17″ tube has 16″ diagonal. To put it differently, the new monitor screen is 14″ x 11″, while the old one is 13″ x 10″. That’s a big difference.

Plus it tilts most any way I want, and can even be pivoted 90 degrees to portrait mode, and, with a click, the screen contents also re-organize themselves to portrait mode. Wheee…

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