From one who does

From one who does

Email from Rev. Chris Ponnet of L.A., who has been engaging in civil disobedience for years.

“I ask your prayers…at 8:30am this Easter Monday several of us will appear in LA Criminal Court Temple between Broadway and  Main 7th Floor division 52 and will plead guilty to a misdemeanor that on Ash Wednesday March 5th we did not move from the street of LA in opposition to the US led war on Iraq. Your prayers would be appreciated. It looks like I and a few of the 18 will be given 45 days.

I need to go into court today expecting the worst and be prepared and trusting that this might all be over in a few hours…so we can continue the ministry of the hospital and our outreach justice and peace ministry.
Blessed Easter and Passover joy…”

I haven’t heard yet what his sentence is.

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