[1]An American hero honored: The…

An American hero honored: The Cesar Chavez postage stamp

Cesar Chavez founded the United Farm Workers, and remains a figure of iconic status for Latinos and progressives.

On Wednesday, Apr 23, his memory will be honored with the issuance of the Cesar Chavez postage stamp on this, the tenth anniversary of his passing.

From a online bio

“In 1952, Cesar was laboring in apricot orchards outside San Jose when he met Fred Ross, an organizer for the Community Service Organization, a barrio-based self-help group sponsored by Chicago-based Saul Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation

Within several months Cesar was a full-time organizer with CSO, coordinating voter registration drives, battling racial and economic discrimination against Chicano residents and organizing new CSO chapters across California and Arizona.”

I am awed by the vison and courage of Chavez and Alinsky, who were both doing hardcore organizing during the deeply unfriendly 1950’s.