I am deeply deeply honored

I am deeply deeply honored

The mail today brought me an invitation to the President’s Dinner in D.C. on May 21!

In the letter, President Bush regrets he can not attend the dinner personally, as he’ll be travelling overseas (stirring up new wars and alienating old allies no doubt). However for a mere $2,500 per person, or $25,000 for a table of ten (what, no quantity discount?), I can be an honored guest.

Hmmm, if I could raise the $25k – even if it is for a despicable cause – then some guerilla theatre would be fun. Let’s see, who to invite? Greens certainly, some ANSWER organizers, someone from Queer Nation would be fun, whoops let’s not forget the Black Bloc Anarchists. Well, getting ten people should be no problem!

We could pull a Medea Benjamin-like stunt, like when she went to the Senate gallery dressed demurely as a Republican housewife to hear Rumsfeld babble about something. Then, at the appointed time, off came the conservative jacket, which had been covering the militant t-shirt, and up came the banners she’d somehow managed to sneak in. Ten suitably garbed participants could bring the President’s Dinner to a screeching halt.

The invite says “Dessert and Dancing 8:30 PM” (8:30? Damn, those Republicans sure know how to party, huh?). We could jack into the sound system and replace whatever drek they have planned with, oh, the Beastie Boys new antiwar “World Gone Mad” single, or that old stalwart “War, HUH, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Say it again!”.

Well, we’d probably get arrested, but it would be fun, and might well make headlines across the globe.

These bozos want to invade and control the world, and they continually assure us of their massive we-always-get-the-job-done competence, yet they are so befuddled that they sent an invite to me, the co-chair of the Green Party of L.A. County and ANSWER organizer. Go figure.