Guess where U.S. did NOT…

Guess where U.S. did NOT allow looting in Baghdad?

Virtually all government buildings in Baghdad have been pillaged and destroyed. However, now hold on for this shocker, U.S. tanks and troops protected the Ministries of Oil and the Interior.

US troops have sat back and allowed mobs to wreck and then burn the Ministry of Planning, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Irrigation, the Ministry of Trade, the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Information.

They did nothing to prevent looters from destroying priceless treasures of Iraq’s history in the Baghdad Archaeological Museum and in the Museum in the northern city of Mosul, nor from looting three hospitals.

However, the Americans have put hundreds of troops inside two Iraqi ministries, which remain untouched – and untouchable – because tanks and armoured personnel carriers and Humvee jeeps have been placed inside and outside both institutions.

And which particular ministries proved to be so important for the Americans? Why, the Ministry of Interior, of course – with its vast wealth of intelligence information on Iraq – and the Ministry of Oil.

The archives and files of Iraq’s most valuable asset – its oil fields and, even more important, its massive reserves, perhaps the world’s largest – are safe and sound, sealed off the from the mobs and looters, and safe to be shared – as Washington almost certainly intends — with US oil companies.”