Are Syria, Iran, and North…

Are Syria, Iran, and North Korea next?

Rumsfeld accuses Syria of aiding Saddam regime

“Citing “scraps of intelligence” at a Pentagon news conference, Rumsfeld also renewed his accusation that Syria provided Iraq with night-vision goggles and other military technology.”

Rumsfeld never does let facts and reality get in the way of his lies and propagandizing. And I of course would never stoop to pointing out that “scraps of intelligence”, are, in fact, what Rumsfeld has.

However, even the CIA says the night vision googles story has no basis.

“The CIA has no credible evidence that the government of Syria has had a role in the shipment of night-vision goggles and other military equipment to Iraq, according to an administration official familiar with U.S. intelligence in the region.”

Not that facts will stop the chickenhawks from plotting more  wars to make the world safe for ExxonMobil, whoops, how cynical of me, of course I meant to say these wars are solely and completely meant to liberate oppressed peoples and give them the gift of Democracy – um well, maybe after after several years of colonial rule by the US and the installation of a properly pliant puppet regime, then they get ‘Democracy’ – whoops, there goes my darned cynicism again…

So what’s next?

US Hawks Set Sights on Iran, Syria as Baghdad Falls

 “Emboldened by the U.S. military’s apparent quick rout of Iraqi forces, conservative hawks in America are setting their sights on regime change in Iran and Syria.”

U.S. Tells Iran, Syria, N.Korea: Learn from Iraq

“United States on Wednesday warned countries it has accused of pursuing weapons of mass destruction, including Iran, Syria and North Korea, to “draw the appropriate lesson from Iraq.”

Sounds like a threat to me.

As for Iraq, this headline sums my views up

Liberation by murder: Baghdad falls to American invasion.