Is the fifth or sixth…

Is the fifth or sixth time we’ve killed Saddam?

But whoops… “Saddam survived attack on building say British intelligence sources.”

And oh yeah, we’ve also claimed to have taken Basra and Baghdad – several times! Only to have the truth emerge a few hours or days later that, oops, we didn’t really take them after all.

Why do they lie so much?

And are they targetting journalists?

Fury at US as attacks kill three journalists

“The Arab satellite television channel al-Jazeera is to pull its reporters out of Iraq after one of them was killed during a US air raid on Baghdad.

The move followed a day in which three journalists were killed by US fire in separate attacks in Baghdad, leading to accusations that US forces were targeting the news media.”

More, from the NY Times:

“Journalists staying at the Palestine Hotel — including David “Chater, a British reporter for Sky Television who said he saw the tank aim its muzzle toward the hotel — said they did not hear any shots from in or near the hotel before the blast.

“We believe that opening fire on a hotel packed with journalists was a disproportionate response to the threat, and there are serious questions that there was any threat at all,” said Mr. Simon. “And it raises serious doubts about the military’s judgment.”

And those barrels the US found in Iraq, the ones they darkly hinted were filled with bad nasty chemical weapons?

New tests find no chemical weapons.