So, we drove tanks through the “heart of Bagddad”? Well, uh no, says DailyKos, disproving it simply by looking at a map.

“Claims by the Coalition that they were “in the heart of Baghdad” can be disproven if you look at the map.

All they did today, besides getting a soldier killed, was prove they can drive on a highway.”

Kos then details why the supposed Iraqi capitulation may be anything but that. Hiding yes, surrendered, no.

“Until there is a logical explaination as to the dissappearance of the Iraqi Army from the field, assume it is in hiding. US commanders are claiming they are destroying divisions and they don’t have the scale of prisoners they should. The math doesn’t add up.

If an army is collapsing, there would be signs. Desertions, and the like. Without that. they’re hiding and that’s not a good thing”.