Kill for peace

Kill for peace

Blair and Bush admit that war in Iraq could last for months.

“Tony Blair and George Bush braced the British and American public for a longer than expected war in Iraq yesterday amid growing concern that the campaign has stalled.”

Nasiriyah may offer allies glimpse of what lies ahead.

“Ten Marines were killed in seizing Nasiriyah. At least five more were captured. And many fear Nasiriyah is a harbinger of things to come”.

We weren’t ready for this: chief US soldier.

“Tougher-than-expected Iraqi forces have stalled the US drive towards Baghdad, the top US army ground commander in Iraq said.”

“The enemy we’re fighting is different from the one we’d war-gamed against,” Lieutenant-General William Wallace told The Washington Post.

Dear God, then what did they war-game about? That Iraqis would run out en masse with peashooters, stand in a row, and let us shoot them? No one in the Pentagon even had a clue Iraq might use guerilla warfare tactics, that they would fight back with everything they have? 

Stupidity and arrogance is always a bad mix.

Especially when the enemey is counter-attacking – Republican Guard column advances on US Marines.