U.S propaganda a dismal flop

U.S propaganda a dismal flop

From DailyKos

“The US is really starting to lose the propaganda war, as everything it says turns out to be lies.


    * Saddam is dead! Ok, no he’s not.
    * Iraq fired a Scud at Kuwait! Ok, no it wasn’t.
    * Umm Qasr is taken! Ok, no it’s not.
    * The Iraqi 51st Division surrendered en masse! Ok, not it hasn’t.
    * Republican Guard commanders will surrender! Ok, no they won’t.
    * Basra is taken! Ok, no it’s not.
    * We found a chemical weapons factory! Ok, maybe it isn’t.”

Just now, I heard Rumsfeld talk of the “humanity” of smart bombs. We look forward to his future explantion of why the soaring birth defect rate in Iraq caused by depleted uranium actually increases genetic diversity thus helping us all. Uh huh.

RumDumb is also babbling about how Iraq displaying American POW’s violates the Geneva Convention when, of course, he did precisely the same thing with the Afghanistan POW’s we transported to Cuba. Does this man ever stop twisting the truth?