No kidding

No kidding

The NY Times reports on how California increasingly feels distant and apart from the lunacies issuing from DC.

“Californians love that sense of distinctiveness,” said Peter Bart, editor of Variety. “We’re not going to see the 60’s again, but I think we are going to see a lot of rebellion against the mandates of Washington. This is an unpredictable and bizarre place, and I think we are definitely heading into an intensely politicized time in Hollywood.”

I disagree on one point, I think we may be heading to times that make the 60’s look like a warmup..

Robert J. Waste, a professor of public policy at California State University, Sacramento, said the state’s ethnic and racial diversity and large immigrant population also played a part, making it distinctive — and less receptive to the president’s message.

“The deepest penetration of the president’s case for war is among white males and Republicans,”  Professor Waste said. “That is not the whole of California.”

Indeed. I volunteer at ANSWER LA. In this city noted for ethnically diversity, ANSWER LA volunteers are the most diverse group I’ve seen – it’s multi racial, multi-religion, multi-ethnicity, and multi-country of origin.