Los Angeles demonstration












Los Angeles demonstration

Not In Our Name called the march at the Westwood Federal Building late yesterday. A surprising number of people showed up on very short notice. We marched west on Wilshire to an Army Recruiting Center at Federal, then back. This was the permitted part of the march.

When we got back, quite a few people kept marching past Veteran, and continued on Wilshire. This part was not in the permit. Cops appeared out of nowhere and faced down the marchers, who then sat down in the middle of the street. Note to those who don’t know L.A., this area normally gets a huge volume of car traffic, so the resulting traffic jams were monumental.

After about an hour or so, they started arresting those who wouldn’t leave the street. In the photo you can see a few of the protesters sitting down in the street surrounded by police and media. About 30-40 got arrested, including one woman in a wheelchair.

Afterwards several of us in ANSWER went to the police station to find out when those arrested would be booked and/or released. One important thing I learned, and anyone considering civil disobedience please take note, if you struggle or go limp while being taken away, you can be charged with resisting arrest. Yes, going limp is considered resisting arrest. Be forewarned.

Tomorrow the same thing happens again, only on a much larger scale as the Westwood Federal Building was chosen as the designated place to gather when the bombing begins…  

I have more photos on la.indymedia.com.