Nonviolent civil disobedience coming to…

Nonviolent civil disobedience coming to a city near you

We are on the verge of mass protest and civil disobedience not ever seen in this country, and that includes the Vietnam war days. Phase One was the massive protests, Phase Two will be massive civil disobedience.

United for Peace has full contact info for fifty two cities where civil disobedience is being planned.

The Iraq Pledge of Resistance is a “campaign of nationally coordinated nonviolent civil disobedience to oppose war in Iraq, sponsored by over a dozen major U.S. peace groups.” They are organizing nationwide too.

Today, Monday Mar 17, major actions include:
D.C. United for Peace begins a week of nonviolent civil disobedience.
N.Y.C. St. Patrick’s Day Action at the U.S. Mission to the U.N.
S.F. Direct Action Against War plans to shut the financial district down.

Upcoming civil disobedience after start of war
Will take place from 6 hours to 6 days after U.S. military attack. Most will happen within 48 hours. Those listed “in process” are still planning their actions.
Albany, NY  (Erin O’Brien, 518-465-1597, Paul Rehm, 518-966-5366)
Allentown, PA  (Nancy Tate, 610-691-8730)
Ann Arbor, MI  (Bill Thomson,734-662-2216)
Athens, OH  (Rod Nippert, 740-448-3071)
Austin, TX  (Missy Bolbecker, 512-474-2399)
Baltimore, MD  (Max Obuszewski, 410-323-7200)
Bellingham, WA  (Robert Baxter,
Binghamton, NY  (George Haeseler, 607-729-1044)
Boston,MA  (Joe Gerson, 617-661-6130)
Camden, NJ  (Dan Dougherty, 856-307-1498)
Charlotte, NC  (in process) (David Dixon, 704-449-6925)
Chicago, IL  (Angela Garcia, 312-203-4684)
Chicago, IL  Western suburbs (Tom Cordaro, 630-369-0777)
Cleveland, OH  (Diane Schurr, 216-267-8502 or 216-375-8621)
Denver, CO  (Carolyn Bninski 303-444-6981, x5)
Detroit, MI  (Al Fishman, 313-861-6247)
Durham, NC  (Andrew,
Erie, PA  (Anne McCarthy,
Greenville, SC  (Efia Nwangaza, 864-239-0470)
Hartford, CT  (John Humphries, 203-757-4852)
Holland, MI  (in process) (Rev. Wes Rehberg, 616-335-8825)
Indianapolis, IN  (in process) (Eric Edgin, 317-916-8487)
Iowa City, IO  (Claire O’Connor, 319-354-2085)
Lexington, KY  (Beth Rosdatter, 859-268-6243)
L.A., CA  (Shady Hakim, 626-791-1978 x131)
Madison, WI  (Janet Parker, 608-249-4474)
Milwaukee, WI  (George Martin, 414-964-5158)
Natick, MA  (Lewis Randa, 508-650-3659)
New Haven, CT  (Marge van Cleef, 203-777-3460)
N.Y.C., NY  (Brad Simpson, 212-228-0450 or 917-572-5214)
North Central OR/South Central WA  (Mark Nykanen
Olympia, WA  (Chris Stegman, 360-705-3528)
Philadelphia, PA  (Robert Smith, 610-544-1818)
Phoenix, AZ  (in process) (Sherry Bohlen, 480-529-2131)
Pittsburgh, PA  (Tim Vining, 412-361-3022)
Reno, NV  (Steward Stout, 775-358-2688)
Sacramento, CA  (Pat Driscoll, 916-456-2441)
S.F., CA  ( 415-820-9649)
Santa Barbara, CA  (Peter Lumsdaine, 831-457-9914)
Springfield, MA  (Joanne Comerford, 413-584-8975)
St. Louis, MI  (Bill Ramsey, 314-725-5303)
Syracuse, NY  (in process) (Paul Frazier, 315-472-5478)
Tucson, AZ  (Tucson Pledge of Resistance, 520-623-9141)
Wilmington, DE  (Sally Milbury-Steen, 302-656-2721)