*U.S., Britain, Spain to Hold…

 U.S., Britain, Spain to Hold Iraq crisis summit

The United States will hold an emergency summit with allies Britain and Spain in the mid-Atlantic on Sunday in a last-ditch bid to overcome opposition in the U.N. Security Council to plans for war on Iraq, the White House said on Friday.

Washington says that it can attack Iraq without clear U.N. backing but Russia, Germany and France all refused to drop opposition on Friday to any rapid military action by some 250,000 U.S. and British troops massed in the Gulf region.

The hawks are in serious trouble. The resolution won’t pass. If Blair then chooses war, he will be charged with war crimes by some quite serious international law lawyers, not to mention the absolute certainty of major strikes and unrest. Here in the U.S., direct nonviolent actions will no doubt happen in dozens of cities, most notably S.F. where they plan to shut the financial district down.