Every lunacy has a champion…

Every lunacy has a champion to defend it

MMinnesota Rep. angers Gays, Jews, African-Americans with comments.

“Minnesota State Representative Arlon Lindner (R-Corcoran) is well known for being outspoken and politically incorrect. In the past he’s called a Jewish state legislator “irreligious” and referred to Bhuddism as a “cult” on the occasion of the Dalai Lhama’s visit to Minnesota. But his latest comments have managed to anger gays, Jews, and African-Americans. Lindner, the sponsor of a bill that would roll back civil rights protection for gay and lesban Minnesotans, originally got himself into trouble on Friday, when he argued that gays were not sent to concentration camps by the Nazis.”[Political State Report]

Lindner apologized for not also offending Native Americans, Asians, and Latinos, saying he’d get to that next week. He then paused and asked “What’s a Latino?”.