MOAB: “Massive Ordnance Air Burst”…

MOAB: “Massive Ordnance Air Burst” Bomb

From Deep Audit, who can ferret out facts like nobody’s business, comes the following:

Somebody sent me the following conspiracy theory.  Follow along, now:

MOAB, the weapon:

Moab, the scripture:

We then leap to this conclusion:  They named that bomb “MOAB” on purpose!  Those … Apocalyptic Bastards! 

But do you know where Moab was?  I didn’t.  So I looked it up:

Moab, the biblical place:

Moab is in modern day Jordan.

Then I looked up the rest of Isaiah (having never read more than the occasional passage of it).  Isaiah had a separate prophecy against Babylon, which is and was in Iraq.

Therefore, Deep Audit concludes that if the Apocalyptic Bastards wanted to make the connection between the Son of Daisy Cutter and apocalyptic prophecy, they would have named that bomb BABYLON.  Which would stand for ….

Big Ass Bomb Yields Lots O’ Nastiness. 

Or something like that.

(Are you having “voila” moment yet?)

Deep Audit

How about calling it BLOWBACK –  Bombing Lots Of the World Brings America Catastrophic Konsequences?  (Hey, given we’re about to go to war, I figure I can take a few liberties with spelling…)

PS. See the comment from Kynn below, he reports the peaceful people of Moab, Utah want the name of the bomb changed!