Corporate America joining antiwar protests

Corporate America joining antiwar protests

Warren Langely, a past president of the Pacific Stock Exchange, has joined with Direct Action Against the War in San Francisco, in calling for massive nonviolent civil disobedience when the war starts. They plan to shut the city down.

Langely says “So I am surprised to be here today telling you that, to stop the war, I am willing to “break the rules” and asking you to join me in “breaking the rules” so loudly that we are heard by the President and his administration to convince them to find a way to peace not war.”

He may be the among the first of prominent corporate Brahmins to publicly join the antiwar forces. He will not be the last.

In fact, here’s another one. Bill Gross, head of PIMCO bonds. He manages hundreds of billions of dollars of bonds. He is not happy about the coming war. (Go to PIMCO, then click Investment Outlook)

“I suspect, however, that by invading “evil doer” nations, we may lessen our vulnerability but lose a piece of our soul in the process. Yes, I’m aware that Iraq is in noncompliance with UN resolutions and that its leader is a near madman.

I’m also aware, however, of how absolute power corrupts and how we may be crossing a thin line. Preemptive attacks? Kill them before they kill us? No one has experienced such Hours in the United States before. I am heartbroken that it has come to this and I fear for my country’s proud heritage and even more for its future.”