[1]March 15

March 15

Emergency convergence on the White House to stop the war on Iraq

with parallel actions in San Francisco & Los Angeles

Let’s make this one the biggest yet. We have slowed the war from starting. Maybe we can stop it completely. Or if it starts, we can create such a ruckus, they must end it early.

Here in L.A., ANSWER LA is raising money for ads in La Opinion and several college newspapers to publicize our march on Saturday. They have a PayPal link on their homepage and will happily and gladly take contributions of $1 or more.
The PayPal link was my idea. The first time they ran a PayPal ad appeal, they raised the money in 24 hours, with the vast bulk of donations being less than $5. Many were for $1.

We here in L.A. have organized several major protests, and now International Answer is listing us along with DC & SF. We’ve gone from being a supposedly nonpolitical town to protests with 100,000 people. Saturday may well top that number.

I’ve got three organizing meetings this week. Working at ANSWER is inspiring. Fred decided to do teach-ins at schools. Now he’s done several, including public high schools where they cancel classes and let him talk to students.

Mike, who has no car, grabs flyers at ANSWER then spends the day taking the bus and subway, and walking around, handing them out. He passed out 3,000 flyers in a two day period last week.

Squads of people who shall remain nameless glue posters everywhere. And I mean everywhere. One guy scouted out churches in his area, then postered on Saturday night so churchgoers arriving on Sunday morning would see the posters as they drove in to their churches.

And that is how you get the word out!