Get into politics. Have big…

Get into politics. Have big fun!

I’ve been covering a story here that I am directly involved in. The story is, ah, heating up.

I’m co-chair and treasurer of the Green Party of Los Angeles County (GPLAC). On Jan 13, 2001, a major donor wrote a check to GPLAC which Mike Feinstein, a prominent Green and Santa Monica city councilmember, deposited in a non-Green Party account. Feinstein has never denied doing this and we have a public statement from the donor confirming this plus a copy of the check (with Feinstein’s endorsement on it).

On Wed., as treasurer of GPLAC, I filed a complaint against Feinstein with the California FPPC after they told me I had a legal responsibility to do so.

I also, as a private citizen, filed a complaint with the Santa Monica Police Department asking, in effect, if this could be theft or embezzlement.

The Santa Monica Daily Mirror has a front page story (pdf) on this today which I am reprinting in its entirety on the Green Party page here.

This affair has been dragging on for months. It has fractured the State and County Green Party. Some say they are proud of me, some want my head on a platter, others are stunned. Sometimes you just got to do what you believe is right.

Besides, Greens believe in transparency, openness, and accountability, right?