San Francisco psychodrama

San Francisco psychodrama

Here’s the story. Alex Fagan,an assistant chief of police in SF has a thuggish son, Alex Jr., on the force. Junior apparently assaulted some innocent bystanders one night while off duty. So far so bad. But then the department covered it up. Now most of the top brass of SFPD have been indicted and have stepped down, at least temporarily..

“Thuggish” you say?. Yes. Here’s why..

“It turned out Fagan Jr. had at least 16 violent encounters with suspects in a 13-month period, sending six of them to the hospital, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.”

A friend in S.F. who has followed this story for months tells me even Fagan Jr.’s fellow officers complained about him, saying he needed anger management classes. All for naught. The top brass ignored the complaints.

Enter District Attorney Terence Hallinan, a rival to S.F. Mayor Willie Brown. He begins investigating, a grand jury is called, and, much to everyone’s surprise, returns indictments against the SFPD top brass, including the Chief.

Those indicted are screaming “witch hunt” and “politically motivated”, yet those who have followed this case say the evidence against them is overwhelming.