What will happen when the…

What will happen when the bombing starts

First off, this isn’t a war. Iraq hasn’t attacked us. We will  be launching an unprovoked attack against them.

Given that millions marched across the globe on the 15th, millions will no doubt turn out to protest when the bombing starts. Here in L.A., the primary location will be the federal building in Westwood. and there will be thousands of people there.

Protests are legal without a permit as long as you stay on the sidewalk. There will probably be way too many people for that. Expect spontaneous marches without benefit of permit. Multiply that by hundreds, if not thousands of locations across the country and planet, and you begin to understand the power of what will be happening that day, and on the days that follow. Massive, unplanned, leaderless demonstrations will be happening on an unprecedented scale worldwide when the Iraq invasion starts. And they will keep on happening too.

Yes. This is new, We’ve never been here before.