Kucinich gets body-bagged

Kucinich gets body-bagged

Did Dennis Kucinich play the race card in a ’72 election – ethnic whites against blacks?

The respected Talking Points Memo (TPM) explains

“Basically, in the early days — before he was running citywide, let alone nationwide — Kucinich’s political schtick was posing as the champion of the ‘forgotten’ white ethnic voters over against the rising force of black political power. Sort of a great white hope type, or great Slavic hope, if you will.”

TPM points to a Cleveland Today article from 1972 detailing how Kucinich did this.

Within the past few days Kucinich has gotten seriously whacked by those very progressives he wishes to appeal to. First was when he announced he was now pro-choice after years being pro-life. While Lefties are certainly mostly pro-choice, many thought Kucinich proclaiming this about 0.01 seconds after announcing for President was a teensy bit on the suspect side. Yes he’s been indicating this change since October, but maybe that was just part of the plan.

Now this. Someone did considerable digging to find this article. And it is damning. Mr. Progressive playing the race card, even if it was thirty years ago. More than a few Leftie / progressive weblogs (Atrios,  DailyKos) now say they have serious problems with Kucinich.

He better do some damage control fast.

Someone is trying to bodybag Kucinich. His actions have given them ample opportunity. Still, he’s appears to be a genuine progressive, maybe even radical, and he is a member of the House. Let’s not toss him off the cliff quite yet. But I am beginning to wonder.