The fiends are everywhere

The fiends are everywhere

A Naval Commander fears terrorist attacks in Riverside CA, as well as scary monsters under his bed at night no doubt.

Should we tell him that Riverside is, in fact, seriously inland. Further, can we take seriously a Naval Commander who apparently can not find the ocean?

From the Inland Anti-Empire

“‘There might be local people in Riverside aligned with Islamic fundamentalists who would want to attack us,’ said Commander Jeff Taylor.

Yes, you read that right. The biggest fear is not an attack from Osama bin Laden, but a fear from Muslims in Riverside. That is what Commander Taylor, the Public Information Officer for the Norco center, is telling us. Those nasty Muslims up in Riverside.

I couldn’t believe it either, so I called up Stefanie Frith, the reporter who wrote the article. She confirmed that the quote was accurate — and that the supposed threat from Riverside really was taken seriously by the Navy.”

I asked Kynn Bartlett, who publish Inland Anti-Empire, about the antiwar movement there. He replied;

“It’s getting up steam — don’t know if you caught it before, but up in San Bernardino, a city council member introduced an anti-war resolution, and it was promptly tabled by the other members.  The next day, the city council member had her life threatened by someone with a rifle.”

I have been chastized, properly it appears, for my flippant remarks about naval bases not being near oceans:

Um, Bob?

The Naval facility at Norco/Corona is strategically very important. I think it might be a primary target, in old Cold War terms.

Daughter of Lt Cmdr