CBS execs want no ‘anti-war’…

CBS execs want no ‘anti-war’ statements during Grammys

Drudge Report exclusive

“Top CBS executives are deeply concerned that Sunday night’s GRAMMY Awards may turn from a celebration of music — into a giant anti-war political rally, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

The GRAMMY broadcast, which is set to air live from New York City, will feature performances by Eminem, Sheryl Crow, Springsteen, Coldplay, James Taylor and others.

Word has reached network suites how one star is allegedly planning a dramatic anti-war gesture.

“I would hope the artists will remember they are on stage because of their music,” a top CBS source told the DRUDGE REPORT Friday morning. “

Ah, how pious of them. This, of course, is the same CBS that aired the Andrew Luster video a few days back, showing Luster on his bed about to sexually assault a woman he’d rendered unconscious by drugging her.

Let Steve Lopez of the L.A Times continue:

“In the video shown Wednesday, the woman on the bed lies there utterly defenseless against Luster, and against “48 Hours,” too.

“A strawberry blond beautiful girl passed out on my bed,” Luster says with a leer, “and basically there to do whatever I choose.”

He moves toward her and begins lifting her dress, and that’s where “48 Hours” cuts away.

An executive producer told The Times that CBS was “extremely judicious in what we are showing.” A CBS exec added, “We would never do anything to compromise our journalistic integrity.”

Journalistic integrity?

It might not even be journalism. As for integrity, you be the judge.”

It’s hard to compromise something you do not possess.

So we have a major TV network cheerfully showing a video of a rape about to occur who gets huffy when someone might exercise of freedom of speech.

Did you hear that CBS moved into a tenement apartment? And that the cockroaches moved out?