Report from the NYC demonstration

Report from the NYC demonstration

From Melanie, a friend

“It’s AMAZING here today!! The numbers of people have been unbelievable, and the cops are arresting people and using pepper spray all over the place. I was on Second Avenue when a group broke through and overtook the avenue. The rally was being held on 1st Ave., and there just wasn’t enough room for everyone. Then, a group overtook 3rd Ave., and people are still marching west to Columbus Circle. A march is considered illegal, but because of the sheer numbers of people, the cops haven’t been able to do much.

They’ve been trying to push people back with horses – the horse contingent came out about 2:00. I saw when they arrived because it’s all happening virtually right outside my door. I almost didn’t get back to my apartment, and if I wanted to go anywhere today, I wouldn’t be able to even get to the subway. Most of the day, they haven’t allowed it. They even had to close the bridge next to my building because of the pedestrian traffic.

IT’S INCREDIBLE AND EXHILARATING!!!  I’m hearing on the radio that a crowd is blocking traffic, sitting down on Lexington Ave. RIGHT NOW at 4:00, and the police are in riot gear. People are being thrown down on the street as I write this. There has to be several hundred thousand people demonstrating here – so, don’t believe the reports you hear!”

Melanie further reports the crowd stretched for twenty blocks on four different avenues!

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