Lerner answers ANSWER answering Lerner…

Lerner answers ANSWER answering Lerner answering ANSWER answering Lerner.

ANSWER vetoed Michael Lerner, a prominent liberal rabbi from speaking at the S.F rally this Sunday. Lerner says ANSWER did so because they don’t want “pro-Israel” speakers.

ANSWER says Lerner had publicly attacked them in the NY Times, and that the four coalitions putting on the rally have an agreement that a coalition could veto any speaker who had attacked them publicly, so they did just that.

Here’s the full text of Lerner’s responses

One excerpt:

“I had been publicly critical of the way that A.N.S.W.E.R., one of the four groups sponsoring the S.F. demonstration,, has used the anti-war demonstrations to put forward anti-Israel propaganda.”

My thoughts.:

1) As I pointed out here a few days back, just mention the word “Palestinians” and the Left splits into warring factions. Just like much of the rest of the world does. ANSWER is pro-Palestinian, no question about that.

2) Those who organize the rallies get to choose the speakers. Would you choose someone who’d publicly attacked you?

3) If Lerner can say ANSWER is anti-Israel, can not ANSWER say Lerner is pro-Israel?

4) Don’t expect the Left to resolve a question that no one else can resolve either. Sigh.