Phil Spector murder investigation

Phil Spector murder investigation

Police have released practically no info about the murder. Today the L.A. Times reports“Sheriff’s officials said he <Spector> was not allowed to reenter his mansion, which is being guarded by Alhambra police as a crime scene.”

Seems odd the mansion would still be a crime scene after so many days. I’m guessing there’s more to this murder than has been released.

The chauffeur dropped them off, then called 911 after hearing gunshots. The body was found in the foyer. What was the time delay between dropping them off and hearing the shots? Was she shot immediately upon entering? If so, why? Apparently they’d just met.

Spector is out on bail, and has apparently been charged with first degree murder. If a murder charge alleges “special circumstances”, then it becomes capital murder for which there is no bail.  So far, it is not special circumstances.

Ronnie Spector, lead singer of the Ronettes, was married to Spector and left him in the early 70’s. She was quoted recently saying she left him because she feared for her life, and that her views on that hadn’t changed.

From The Independent;

“The producer was known for his short temper and love of firearms, according to several online biographies.

“Famously, during sessions with John Lennon, Spector fired a gun in the studio and Lennon remarked: ‘Phil, you can shoot me if you want to, but watch my hearing. I need that’,” rock critic Anthony DeCurtis told NBC’s Today show.”