Colin Powell’s UN speech a…

Colin Powell’s UN speech a flop

Colin Powell just did a bellyflop while the whole world watched.

His much hyped speech to the UN about why we must invade Iraq right now was supposed to be a thunderous event which would mobilize the world.  Instead it convinced no one. The Security Council is still overwhemingly opposed to an Iraq War, including China, Russia, and France, who can veto any war proposal with their vote (not that they will, I assume they will eventually roll over).

“UNITED NATIONS, Feb. 5 (UPI) — Ten out of 14 members of the U.N. Security Council Wednesday called for the continuation and strengthening of weapons inspections in Iraq despite U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell’s dramatic 75-minute expose of Saddam Hussein’s secret build-up of weapons of mass destruction”

And what of the SOTU address where Bush promised Powell would deliver proof of bin Laden-Saddam ties? Powell barely mentioned this, except to say that some al-Qaeda may be in Northern Iraq – neglecting to mention that Saddam does not control Northern Iraq, Kurds do.  He also said Al-Qaeda operatives may be in Baghdad. Ah, they are also in dozens of other countries including this one.

Powell also mentioned the aluminum tubes that Iraq bought as proof of their nefarious intent, – even though it has been shown the tubes can not be used for weaponry. But hey, tell a lie, some will believe you, then you can always attack the questioners for being traitors.

After Powell’s speech, representatives of other countries who spoke. Most inquired as to why, if the U.S. had such evidence, didn’t they give it to the inspectors before rather than wait until now.