What a “coincidence”

What a “coincidence”

From Talking Points Memo

“Is there more to the (apparently wrongful) INS pick-up and detention of Brookings scholar Ejaz Haider than we’d been led to believe? On Tuesday Haider was picked up by two armed INS agents in front of Brookings. There has been some dispute over which rule Haider may have violated and whether he was in fact told by the INS that a particular registration deadline had been waived.

But a follow-up in today’s Post says “Justice Department spokesman Jorge Martinez challenged Haider’s account and said the journalist was aware of the program’s requirements because he had written articles critical of it. [itals added]”

That sounds a touch like ‘serves him right’, doesn’t it? “

And it also sounds like more of the usual lummoxed-brained antics from the notoriously dimwitted INS.