Frank Chu

Frank Chu

I first discovered Frank Chu at the Oct 26 SF demonstration because of his, um, unusual, sign (see picture). He was there again at the Jan 18 demo. So, I snapped a photo of his sign.

I’ve since discovered that he is a street person of some reputation in S.F. And to be notable for being an eccentric street person in San Francisco does take some doing y’know. We’re not talking Omaha here..

There are websites (here and here) about Frank Chu! 

Boing Boing has this to say;

Frank Chu is a San Francisco street-loony who shleps an inarticulate sign up and down the downtown streets, proclaiming his disgust with various politicians and their crimes against various “Zagnatronic Galaxies.” He’s a total fixture, so much so that you occassionally see people dressed as Frank (neat suit, shades, slight limp, sign) on Hallowe’en, and Quizno’s subs used to sponsor an ad on the back of his sign (“The best sub in 12 Zagnatronic Galaxies!”)

Consider this photo my contribution to Frank Chu-ology.