The Senator from England speaks…

The Senator from England speaks for Bush

Tony Blair: War can start without U.N. inspectors finding weapons.

How robust of him to say this! Now we can have a war without bothering with any of that tedious “proof” stuff.

From The Observer;

“Tony Blair has raised the temperature in the confrontation with Iraq by insisting there is no need for United Nations weapons inspectors to find a ‘smoking gun’ for Saddam Hussein to be in breach of UN resolutions and face military action.

Downing Street sources made it clear last night that although there would be a ‘short pause’ in preparations for war while the inspectors are given ‘a few more weeks’ to try to find Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, Saddam’s failure to co-operate pro-actively with the team will provide a pretext for attack. “

Let’s see. Iraq isn’t threatening us or any of our allies, is making no hostile moves towards any nation, and we can’t find any of those weapons they are supposed to have so – heck, let’s invade them and start a war.