Jan 18, S.F. Peace Rally

Jan 18, S.F. Peace Rally











The Peace Rally went amazingly well. Completely peaceful. Huge turnout. The march started at 11 am, with the lead banners getting to the rally area by noon. Three hours later people were STILL marching in. The turnout was much larger than on Oct 26, both in S.F. and D.C.

Some highlights. Joan Baez – her voice just keeps getting better. And when she sang about Woody Guthrie and Martin Luther King in the same verse, well, she surely got to me – and many others too.

Bonnie Raitt did a Jackson Browne song. Someone did some hip hop poetry. The Longshoresman Union stood on stage with their “An Injury To One Is An Injury To All” banner while a leader told us how 100 unions had joined together last week in Chicago to oppose this war.

A Japanese peace activist told us how she translated the wonderful Addicted To War book, and it is now number #2 on Japanese Amazon.

Matt Gonzalez, a Green and President of the City of S.F. Board of Supervisors detailed how he and other supervisors will introduce a bill to oppose the PATRIOT Act.

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), the sole vote against the Afghanistan War ran down how Duyba had inadvertently awoken a sleeping giant – us.

Lots more too. More later!

























King George the Mad
















This street DJ appeared out of nowhere with about 500 watts of power in a portable shopping cart type of setup. He started blasting some amazing techno / trance stuff and within minutes dozens of people were dancing in the streets.

A wonderful end to a great day. And, in a way, dancing in the streets IS what it was all about.